Layer Cake Coin Quilt

Simple quilts, they’re fun, fast and they sure make for a quick fix project!

When I first saw Sherri McConnell & Chelsi Stratton’s debut line for Moda Fabrics, Bright Sun, I immediately loved it.   Turquoise, aqua and coral are such gorgeous colours to work with and the pops of yellow just make it so happy.

Layer Cake Coin Quilt

The layer cake I grabbed when they first came out sat on my cutting table for a while waiting for the right idea to strike and then recently, inspiration struck, and I whipped up this Layer Cake Coin quilt.   The free pattern is available to everyone on my mailing list.   If you’re not currently signed up you can so do by clicking here, and I’ll send a copy of the pattern to your email address.

Layer Cake Coin Quilt

I’ve always loved the look of coin quilts but I wanted to update it a little and the layer cake I had gave me the perfect opportunity to do just that!     The whole quilt came together in just a couple of hours.

I wasn’t feeling the love for any free motion quilting design so I opted for simple straight lines on each of the large coin stacks and left the sashing and smaller coin stacks unquilted.  There were more than a few threads to be buried but I think it was worth it for the look it achieved.

Layer Cake Coin Quilt

And some left over layer cake squares meant that I could use a get a little bit more mileage from the backing fabric I’d purchased.     I rarely make a pieced back these days but I do like them for a bit of a change.

Layer Cake Coin Quilt

I’m sending this quilt off to a family friend this week.  I hope she likes it!

Happy quilting,



15 thoughts on “Layer Cake Coin Quilt

  1. I’m already signed up for your emails. I don’t understand how to get your free pattern for this beautiful coin quilt…

  2. I’ve signed up via email. Thank you for sharing your coin quilt pattern. I really like your Star Patch Quilt too!

  3. What a gorgeous quilt, Peta, and I love the idea of being able to quickly use a layer cake like this. You are a saint burying all those threads though … not sure I could do it. Bright Sun is such a cheerful fabric line, I’m really loving all the turquoise variations in it.

  4. Hello Peta, just signed up but not sure how to access patterns. I am trying to get the “layer cake coin” quilt

  5. Signed up a few days ago for your newsletter, would like to receive pattern for this beautiful Layer Cake Coin Quilt. Thank you!

  6. I have just subscribed to receive your newsletter. I have to make your layer cake coin quilt but I am not sure how to access the pattern. Please help!! Thanks.

  7. Hi, I just signed up for your newsletter. Is it still possible to get this pattern. My step daughter just purchased this Layer cake to make her first quilt.


  8. Hi Peta, just saw your layer cake coin Quilt. I had purchased Bright Sun and was waiting for something to Quilt with it. This was perfect. I signed up for your newsletter. How can I receive pattern. Thanks much!!

    1. HI Barbara, the pattern would have been emailed to you automatically once you confirmed the newsletter subscription. If you can’t see it its worth checking your spam folder and adding me a safe sender. If you’re still having trouble please email me at and I can organise to send the PDF through. X Peta

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