The Reno!

Way back in January I did a post about moving into the house my grandparents built. I was so excited.  We had a plan, we had a time frame, we had a good budget…..we had no idea!  Eight long months later we are still living in exactly the same house and life just seems to get crazier.   We thought we could stay here while the renovation and extension happened… as if!   Clearly delusion was permeating our every waking thought!   Good news though, we pick up the keys to a rental and next week the work will finally be starting.    Yay!

Pat the Builder (ahhh yes we do call him Pat the Builder – all. the. time.) has me running around like a chook with my head cut off at the minute so there isn’t much time for sewing or social media.   Insert sad face.  So today, while I should be making a decision about external colours I thought I’d get on the computer and show you a little of our plans.

We’ve made a few changes to save some money like removing the pergola from the side of the carport but this is basically what the front of the house will look like.    Pretty much the same as the original house.

The back is definitely very different.  There’s a big extension and a big covered deck ready for lots of entertaining and parties.  The shutters have all been deleted from the deck as another cost saving measure but I still think it’s going to be awesome out there.

The colour picking is hard though!   I can’t decide whether I want a light, neutral look like this house I found on Pinterest which just happens to be in the next suburb from me (renovated by Hammers and Heels!).

Or like this one which has darker trims to go with the neutral weatherboards like this house by Evermore Designs.

If you have any thoughts, or alternatives, please shout!   I’d be happy to procrastinate this decision a few more days by looking at more pictures :).  I figure I need to make sure I get it right because we’ll be living with it for a very very long time.

I hope you’re having a great week and that you are getting lots more sewing done than me!   Don’t forget that the book tour for A Piece of Cake is still happening.   You can check out all the bloggers makes so far and maybe even enter the giveaway Moda has organised by clicking on the links in the last post.


16 thoughts on “The Reno!

  1. Hi, we have similar vintage houses near us . The ones that really look fabulous are painted a mid grey blue with either white or darker blue trim. I admire them whenever I see them……definitely a change from neutral.

  2. I personally would opt for something with a bit of contrast certainly since you’ll be living with it for a considerable time. The second option provides much more curb appeal.

  3. Oooh, that’s a hard one. I must say, I think I do like having the contrast there (the 2nd picture). The most important question, of course, is which one will look the best in the background of your quilt photos? 🙂
    Wishing you tons of luck and patience for the reno – it will look amazing and you won’t even remember the pain a year from now, as you sit in your beautiful, remodelled home x x x

  4. Lucky you! It’s gorgeous and it’ll be wonderful! I always like a contrast better so, the 2nd one. Can’t wait to see the inside!

  5. I love the one with the darker trim but I also like the idea mentioned above with the darker house and lighter trim. We finished our remodel 2 years ago and choosing the colors was the hardest by far. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you choose.

  6. They are both beautiful, however, I like the second photo with the contrast. It brings out the rest of the house. It’s a wonderful project with many memories. Enjoy!

  7. I like the first one — neutral on neutral. Both pleasing and peaceful. I must tell you about a house I pass by frequently. It is an amazing eggplant color with pale taupe trim. Very striking and the house has a similar structure to yours. Good luck.

  8. I am so envious!
    My take is a bit different. Keep the body a light to medium color. Trim—go dark and have the window sashes painted a white or cream color. Make the door a contrasting color, but not dark, (a dark color makes it recede into the house).

  9. I love both pictures but the one with the dark trim looks more up to date. Very classic.

  10. Speaking from experience, I’d say go for a pale to medium grey background with a modest amount of darker trim, or you’ll be washing down the weatherboards all . the . time as they get grimy. The contrasting trim gives a nice crisp finish, it’s a more sophisticated effect than the other one, which I find a tiny bit ‘gingerbread fairytale cottage’.

  11. My goodness that original photo looks not unlike the house my Dad built in the 50’s for us in Sydney. Well done to you for taking on such a big reno. I think neutral with a mid grey trim would look lovely. Just a thought. Take care.

  12. I’d suggest you look to the color of the original house. Also keep it simple how much do you want to pay for painting a bunch of different shades. Also keep in mind up keep will it get lots of sun and fade a dark color?
    Just an also question why a car port and not a garage? If it’s raining you stay dry if it’s hot the car stays cooler if you are not home or if you are home all your cars and things are closed up
    For me I would pay extra for an enclosed garage now. While they build they can store their tools supplies and keep them locked up on the job loses cost
    I’d look for ways to save on somethings but spend to get the bones right and wiring and duct work.
    Landscaping and plants can wait if you make sure you have the grading correct
    Try for simple roof lines cheaper
    Pay attention to the materials and time line
    If you cause a delay because you can’t decide on a faucet you pay extra
    You make changes as you go you pay extra
    We paid extra to have our garage insulated and sheet rocked but being done while the house was being built was cheaper than having it done later
    Everything you can do to prevent delays saves you additional costs
    Visit often stay out of the way make friends with your laborers do nice things for them but don’t keep them from their work
    Indecision is your enemy
    Be kind to your husband
    There will be mistakes …. if no one dies … it will be ok

  13. So exciting to finally get started!! I prefer the dark trim to have a nice contrast, but either would be gorgeous. I’ll start planning my trip now, so let me know when it will be done 😉

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