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Today, hasn’t been the most fun day, actually it was a complete stinker!  But sometimes a  thoughtful gesture sure can help make things feel just a little better.  Recipe-Books-

Today my Mum gave me these two precious recipe books and, after a few tears (a lot actually!), I do feel a little better.   These recipe books are from my Great Grandmother (left) and my Grandmother (right) and, as I’ve been sitting going through them this afternoon, it occurred to me that recipe books like these are a lot like quilts.    They’re both made with love and they sure can warm your soul.   Like quilts, recipes made for special occasions can bring a smile to your face and put laughter and love in your heart.

My Great Grandmothers book was given to her in 1938 by my Granny and her younger brothers for Christmas.   My grandmother was just 12 years old, I am fairly sure she was already working by that age so probably bought it on behalf of them all (I’ll have to check with her!) Recipe-Books-2

My Granny’s book is mostly hand written recipes she collected over the years.   I’ve been making a book like this myself and know that only the best of the best recipes go into it.  I imagine its the same with my Granny’s book.    My Mum has already asked me to make one of the recipe’s from it.   She told me that Granny used to make this particular dessert on special occasions.  My Mum told me that she would sneak into the fridge and cut off little slithers hoping she wouldn’t get caught – it must be good to do that and I can’t wait to try it out!Recipe-Books-3

There’s even a tip for washing blankets with gelatine!  I wonder if that works for quilts?Recipe-Books-5

I’m off to find a recipe to make later this week, I need some food for my soul and I just know I’ll find something perfect from my Great Gran’s and Granny’s recipe books.



5 thoughts on “Recipes & Quilts

  1. Hi Peta, Sorry to hear you have been having such a crappy day. One good thing is that tomorrow is a new day and you can start afresh. Hope the rest of the week is much better for you. I am in awe of your Great Gran’s & your Granny’s recipe books! What a beautiful piece of family history to receive, to get to use, and learn from. It is almost like receiving a key to a treasure chest of wonderful lost skills & knowledge. Enjoy! Take care, Kelly

    1. Thanks Kelly, that’s very sweet and you are right tomorrow is always better. It is such a beautiful piece of family history and I feel so very lucky its been passed to me to look after. XO

  2. Aww, I hope you feel better soonest. Nothing like a good dose of love from Granny (and Great Granny) via food (even if you have to make it yourself). I love reading through old things like that (even those not from my own family), they are just fascinating and tell you so much about the times. x x x

  3. These are gorgeous – there is something so special about looking through these precious gifts – the handwriting, the emotion it all evokes and the history you all of a sudden feel so much a part of. My grandma left me a notebook with all her quilting books and notions, those handwritten notes and lists and pattern amendments {!} will forever be a reminder of who she was – just like this book is a beautiful piece of your Granny and great Gran’s story. They are so pleased you have it I’m sure. Love, and can’t wait to sneak dessert with you! xx

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