Me and My Sister Class & Quilt

July sure was a good month for us Brisbane-ite’s.   Di Mills organised for Barb & Mary from Me and My Sister Designs to tour Down Under and I was lucky enough to get a spot in to the Slice of Cake 2 class at Patches Indooroopilly.  It was great!  This picture is one I snapped of Barb & Mary’s quilt, just one of many they brought along to show us.

Me&MySister Slice of Cake Quilt

Barb & Mary are excellent teachers and I thoroughly enjoyed learning a few new tricks while making a few blocks amidst the laughter and fun.

SheQuiltsAlot Slice of Cake 2 Blocks

I was super lucky and won this bundle of Giggle’s fabric in a game that involved a whole heap of balloons and George Clooney (I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination but lets just say there were a few ribald comments!)

More Prizes

And, as if that wasn’t generous enough Barb & Mary loaded us all up with heaps of gifts throughout the day.  I’m sure I took home more than I came with and I’m looking forward to creating one of the Me and My Sister Designs super cute charm pack patterns with their new fabric line Dot Dot Dash.


Me & My Sister Spools Charm Pack Quilt

And of course, I’ll be snipping threads when I do make it with this pair of scissors that now hangs off my sewing machine courtesy of the adorable scissor fob Barb helped us all make.

Scissor Fob

Just this week I’ve managed to finish off my small version of the Slice of Cake 2 pattern.   I originally thought I would make it a bit more colourful than this (and a little bigger) but these blocks just seem to work so well together I figured it was better to quit while I was ahead.   There’s always someone you can gift a baby sized quilt to right!?!

SheQuiltsAlot Slice of Cake Quilt

The only problem is that I can not for the life of me figure out how to quilt it.   Any suggestions you have will be very gratefully received.   Actually, they’ll be more than gratefully received, you’d be a lifesaver if you can help me figure this out!

Really looking forward to hearing your suggestions (like really really)…





7 thoughts on “Me and My Sister Class & Quilt

  1. Hi Peta, love how different your blocks look with the two colours for the outer ‘spikes’. Looks very fresh and modern. My quilting idea for you is a diamond grid. I think it would help emphasise those beautiful X ‘s and keep it looking modern and quite geometric. Will be interested to see what you decide, it will look great no matter what!

  2. It’s gorgeous Peta! I’d extend the lines created by the coloured piecing into the background and create x shapes diagonally between the blocks (if that makes sense?) And then do lots of dense straight lines following those angles. Let me know if you want a sketch of what I mean, lol!

  3. love your version of the quilt. Great fabric and I think you did right to stop there. Hmmm no idea how to quilt it. The diamonds idea sounds great, and the echo.

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