It’s Good To Be Sewing Again!

Things have been a little crazy around here lately.  Jenny Janome and I have been separated for the last couple of weeks but were reunited over the weekend.   Yay!   There is just something about the hum of the sewing machine that I find soothing and relaxing, I definitely missed it and was grateful to have a project ready to start on the weekend.

My lovely friend Samantha Olsen and a couple of other completely fabulous Instagram peeps (Holly & Denise) had recently organised a sew-along for one of Camille Roskelley’s latest patterns, the Lollie Quilt.  It’s the sweetest little quilt and just perfect for a quick and easy project to get me sewing again.

SheQuiltsAlot Lollie Along Fabrics

Rather than use a layer cake I took a dive into my new fabric scrap storage system and managed to pull out all but the pink with red spots in the middle of the picture.    It looks happy and fun don’t you think?  I’m hoping that theme will carry through when the blocks come together into the quilt top.

SheQuiltsAlot Lollie Along

I do enjoy sewing teeny pieces but am usually pretty messy when I sew.   Believe me when I say that it was a small miracle I managed to keep this stack of star points neat and tidy so I could get a picture.   If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I’ve always wanted to do a ‘stack’ photo, I’m not sure it’s the best stack in the world but I’m happy I was finally able to do one -:)


I’ve managed to start sewing the blocks together today and tonight, I’m hoping to finish most of the top off.   Wish me luck!





11 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Sewing Again!

  1. Alright, I have a big long list of things I need to be doing, so will you please stop posting pictures that make me want to drop everything and join another bloody quilt along. Man, this looks like a lot of fun and I really feel like piecing something tonight.
    Love your stack, darl, enjoy your reunion with Jenny x

  2. Very cute indeed, I’d missed the Lollies quilt – I do have my eye on a mini Tulip from Camille’s new patterns. Great stack pic – I don’t think I’ve ever taken one. And great that you have mostly sewn from your scraps bins! x

  3. Loving the stack photo! It’s a bit like the quilt on a chair shot that all quilters must take at least once!! This is a gorgeous fabric pull – such a fun pattern so perfect selection. I’m pleased you are sewing again – sending you the warmest of hugs today xx

    1. Thanks Keera and absolutely about the quilts on chairs photo! I’ve done one of those but they always look so lovely its definitely a ‘do again’ on my list. Thanks for the hugs and the fabric love -:)

  4. Awesome fabric for your lollies Peta! That’s exactly what you see when you dive your hand in that bag of mixed lollies. How perfect. And so glad you’re back sewing again. xx

  5. Love the feeling of doing what you are good at (sewing). No replacement for this I guess.

    Good pic by the way. Even I would like to try doing it once. Happy Sewing Peta.

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