A Few of My Favourite Things…

I’m in the United States for the next couple of weeks for a little holiday with my husband and our friends.   We’re headed to Savannah and QuiltCon and then will be taking a little trip to Atlanta, Lancaster County and New York.   It’s going to be so much fun!

Of course, most of you guys aren’t on a vacation so I thought it would be fun to share some patterns from other designers I’ve been working with lately.   These projects are pretty quick to make and are perfect to make for yourself or, as a gift for someone.

First up is this super easy and very trendy bag pattern from Swoon Patterns called the Bonnie Bucket Bag.   I’ve been on the look out for a new handbag for months but hadn’t been able to find anything I truly loved.  Then, I remembered that I’d purchased this pattern last year and thought I’d give it a go!

I was more than a little nervous about making the bag but it was truly was a breeze.  The pattern directions are easy to follow and there are plenty of pictures for people like me who need a visual.    You can grab your own copy of the pattern by clicking here.

The insert/organiser I made isn’t part of the pattern from Swoon but it’s pretty simple to work out once you’ve made the bag.   I cut down the lining pieced to make them short and then added folded over fabric to make the custom sized pockets.   It sure makes finding everything in the bag much easier and there is still plenty of space in the middle for all the other ‘stuff’ I know I’ll end up throwing in there!

My sister has a birthday coming up so I made another one for her too.  I love how different it looks just by changing the fabrics out for some more modern, bold prints.   I hope she likes it!

The next pattern is an old favourite of mine.  Its the Foldover Needlebook by Aneela Hoey of Comfort Stitching.  I think I purchased mine on the day Aneela released it and its been a favourite ever since.  Every now and again I sit down and make a whole bunch of them and every time I do I think I should make more.   Aren’t they cute!  They make a perfect little gift for sewing friends.

Aneela is also the designer behind the Foldover Sewing Pouch which is another one of my favourites.   I made a whole bunch of them a while ago and then promptly gave them all away so, as soon as I get home, this is what I will be making.

You can get the patterns for the Foldover Sewing Pouch and Needlebook by clicking here.

Feeling inspired?  I sure hope so!  These patterns are a lot of fun.  If you haven’t seen them before they are well worth taking a look at and making some of these things yourself.

I’d love to hear from you…. Do you have a ‘go to’ sewing pattern for gifts?   I’m always on the look out for fast, fun things to make to keep my gift box stocked up.  So if you have a favourite (or three) let me know so I can check it out 🙂

Have a great week,


8 thoughts on “A Few of My Favourite Things…

  1. Your Bonnie bag is beautiful – I have also made one and use it all the time! Have a wonderful time in the US!!

  2. I stock up on nice dish towels and then embellish them to give as gifts…usually with seasonal themes. (Hearts, watermelon, pumpkins, etc.). They’re usually well received, even by my daughter and daughter-in-law who aren’t that enthusiastic about quilting..yet!

  3. Welcome to the United States! We are a diverse country with lots to see in all states. Enjoy your time in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New York. If you travel to western NY be sure and visit Niagara Falls. Next time – maybe for Quiltcon 2018 come to the west coast!

  4. Wow, you’ve been busy! All this and packing for a big trip, you’ll be needing a vacation! Hope you guys have a ball and can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. IG the heck out of Quiltcon for me, please!!

  5. Peta, I hope you have a wonderful time in the States. I lived pretty close to Lancaster County for a few years. Visiting there was what originally piqued my interest in quilting. Enjoy – it is wonderful.

  6. Enjoy your visit. I didn’t know you had a pattern page till today. I would love to see the INSIDE of the mini sewing kit before i purchase it. Would you be able to show that?
    Thank you
    Susan Lambrixx

  7. I live in Canada but I went to visit Lancaster last year. Take time to visit the Amish and their wonderful quilts. It’s worth the detour!!!

  8. Have a great trip! Love the bag so your sister will love hers .

    The pouches are really cute and so practical.

    My go to gift is a teddy bear , I always have a stock of joints and eyes to make a new friend.

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